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John Seeley

Musician and Private Teacher

'I looked out at the shadowy audience.  The room was full to capacity with friends and family standing and sitting with no room to move.  It was so quiet and intense, sweat was pouring off me under the warm lights.  I wanted to perform to these people like it was the last time I would ever play.  I thought of all the emotions of not seeing many of them again and recent events.  I closed my eyes and just played, I played for them, to express this closing of a chapter in all our lives.  My fingers moved with the notes in my mind and I just let go.  The band raised a level and the emotions poured out.  As the piece finished my hands were shaking, I opened my eyes and looked out to them, hoping I had echoed a memory of theirs and reflected their thoughts.  This is what music is about to me.'

Welcome to the website of musician and private teacher John Seeley.  Please explore the pages to find out about John, the musical projects that he is involved in, and learn more about his teaching and workshops.  View photos and examples of his current music projects to listen to and buy.  Read research projects that John has written about over the past few years, and keep up to date with the Special Events and Diary pages.

John would like to say a huge thank you to all of his students and those who have supported him during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing him to continue with his private music lessons, start online Jazz and Big Band workshops, create over 60 Jazz educational videos and weekly Jazz tutorial sessions.

Thank you for visiting.